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Fire and Intruder

Conventional fire alarms systems can be installed in many types of properties from Multiple occupancy, to small Retail and Commercial outlets. The conventional alarm works on a zonal basis and covers certain floor space within each zone, offering the client the chance to cover all areas on a floor by floor basis. The system is based on a minimum of 2 alarm circuits and however many zone circuits the project requires. Hochiki, Apollo Kac, are just a few of the proctol that we use in these systems along with Menvier, C-tec Control fire panels.

Two wire systems work similar to the conventional system allowing an alternative cabling system, because of the fact that all devices within the system on each zone are located on 1 cable.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable systems are those projects that require a little bit more information for example a hospital over 4 floors would install this type allowing the installer to programme the control panel and devices so that an address can be given as appose to just a zone. Typical example would be Type - Smoke, Zone - 1, Location - Centre manager’s office.

Testing and Inspection

Each system requires at least 2 full inspections and test per year and for larger systems this can be altered to up to four visits per year. In an inspection all devices should be tested to clarify they work and a decibel level should be checked on Sounders/Bells in all locations within the system to meet current BS5839 standards. Fault checks should be performed on the control panel along with a full discharge battery test.

Intruder Alarms Systems

intruder alarms can be varied as the client prefers from standard house alarms to more sophisticated industrial type. Covert systems can also be installed allowing the owner to install devices without public knowledge.